Wednesday, May 18, 2016

(MOH) Duty Calls

As luck would have it, my closest cousin and I are engaged at the same time! And I am Maid of Honor. It's amazing that we get to experience this special time of our lives together!

As her aunt and I were doing the final preparations, I totally imagined we were Lorelai and Suki! Here are some photos of her bridal shower last weekend, thrown by her bridesmaids, aunts and mother of the bride. (Not pictured: ALL of the delicious food Tita Liz cooked!)

The beautiful bride-to-be with my cutie mom.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Filipino Hospitality

We've all heard of Southern hospitality. Well, there is something that exists far greater than that. I'm pretty sure somehow, someway, you've experience Filipino hospitality, from a neighbor, a nurse, a classmate, an ex-girlfriend's family. This is a reminder to myself to find this episode of someone trying to explain it.

Update 05.16.16: Here is Buzzfeed's summary/commentary on the episode. 

Lola Amor with some of her apos in Pagsanjan, Laguna. April 2015

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Travel Tuesday

Last year, I took the most memorable trip to India and failed to document my memories. I have been terrible about this in my travels in general, I think because I feel like I need to write something thoughtful and thought provoking. Sometimes, there's not time for that. Sometimes I can't find the words. And sometimes, pictures are just enough.

So on Tuesdays (mind you, not necessarily every Tuesday), I'll be posting photos from some trip I took at some time, and those pictures may or may not be accompanied by captions.

These are from Agra, February 2015.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Project Jenna

A little more than a week ago, I participated in Jacksonville Magazine's Fashion Project. Nineteen local designers created two looks for their models. Besides the runway show, local boutiques set up pop up booths. Guests shopped, ate, drank and danced the night away.

I was asked if I wanted to participate a little more than a month before, which is plenty of time to put together two looks. The problem was that I was traveling four of those six or so weeks! When I returned to Jax, I had a week and a half to get my looks together. I locked myself upstairs, and felt like I was back a Parsons! It was nice dusting off that sewing machine.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Finally the Bride

How fortunate am I that I have enough amazing women in my life to make choosing bridesmaids a difficult decision? Not to brag, but I have more than my fair share of ladies in my life who really understand and care about me. Childhood, middle, high school, college... Years later and they are still the best friends I could ever hope for. Already, with still many months to go before the wedding, they have all been supportive and patiently answer my unending questions. After all, by the time I walk down the aisle, I'll have stood my each of my bridesmaid's sides at their weddings! So in some ways, it's paying off to be the last; I have lots of experience to draw from!

For the bridesmaids gifts, as with the groomsmen's, I wanted to make use of the arts and crafts supplies around the house and test my DIY skills. I made the boxes out of card stock; the initials were stickers from my sister's scrapbooking phase; and the plethora of ribbon is what happens when you're a former cheerleader!

I found really cool patterned tape also from my sister's stash that I used on the inside of the boxes. (Similar here.) The cards were from Target. The jewelry was my own, which I get partially made in the Philippines. Each girl got a different, dainty piece of jewelry, either a bracelet, earrings, or a ring. I even made the little jewelry display card also from card stock, and a fancy hole puncher (a la my sister of course!)

I always knew I wanted to ask my bridesmaids with paper dolls, but obviously they had to be stylized. They were more time consuming then I initially thought, but I had a lot of fun illustrating them! I love the way they look like they're moving when it's opened up. It looks like a group of girls having a good time!  Hopefully, it's representative of what's to come!

Friday, March 18, 2016


I am at my parents' house for a couple of months before I move to Seattle in the summer. It's a little bizarre being back here, and I kind of ended up here by accident. I decided to spend some of 2015 in the Philippines working on my non-profit and other projects, and I am happy I did. It's the latter part where my plans got a little murky, particularly when it came to my career. My personal life was at all time high; JP and I, did, after all, get engaged! Naturally, when that happened, it didn't seem like a good idea to go back to New York. And while I'm reluctant to let my doubts float around on the world wide web, some times I wonder if that wouldn't have been the worst thing-- to be away from JP for a year and continue to work in fashion.

I have complete faith in life working itself out and the universe conspiring to help you achieve you personal legend and blah blah blah blah. But doubt happens.

Here in Jax, I basically occupy the entire left side of upstairs. I've been sorting through shelves, boxes, and the like, coming across things I've accumulated over the last decade from high school, UF, and New York. This evening, I stumbled upon some of the work I did at Parsons: color theory projects, sketches, CADs. Honestly, I was a little impressed with myself. Parsons was tough. It was miserably hard. But I loved it. I look at my work and can see that I was both motivated and inspired.

I know most people could not fathom why I would go to fashion school after graduating from Florida, but I do not wish that any of it happened differently. It made makes me happy to think about all that I've experienced because of the decisions I've made. Right now, NO. Life isn't exactly what I thought it would be. Lucky for me, I have the ability to change that.